Design & Develop

GENERATOR defines, designs, and develops best-in-class online fan experiences and digital destinations. Many of the world’s leading brands trust us to develop high-engagement fan solutions that convert visitors into evangelists.

Web Design

We have a deep bench of award-winning designers, art directors, and UX experts who are dedicated to bringing entertainment brands to life online. Each one-of-a-kind website is designed to leave a lasting impression on your fans.


Our creative and development teams can aid you with mobile app design and development to get your brand increased exposure and engagement on tablets and smartphones.

Content Creation

We don’t just understand digital; we are digital. Our creative team is fluent in transmedia storytelling across web, mobile, social, tablet, and gaming devices. If it has a digital interface, we’re there creating cool collateral to promote your brand and engage your fans.


Our developers are skilled in the latest technologies and work hand-in-hand with our creative team to ensure our experiences function as they were designed, giving special attention to scalability.

Security & Infrastructure

We’ll help you produce and maintain a fast and secure online environment with your fans. We put our platforms through stringent online security standards, leverage best-in-class hosting solutions, and provide 24/7 uptime monitoring for all of our websites.

Web Marketing Platform

Need a quick turnaround on a cost-effective website? Our web marketing platform enables you to easily create branded landing pages and websites.  With a wide via variety of Drupal and WordPress templates that can be customized with your branding, generating engaging online destinations has never been easier.



Acquire & Activate

We offer a suite of CRM tools and services aimed at helping brands maximize the consumer lifecycle. From awareness to conversion, we work with our clients to ensure their marketing syncs with how customers really live, work, and play in the digital space.

CRM Platform

Leverage our industry-leading CRM platform to deliver intuitive and automated one-to-one messages to your fan base across email, mobile, social, and web.

Fan Connect (Audience Builder Tool Suite)

With our proprietary suite of audience development tools, you can grow your database of fans using templated data-capture promotions such as contests, sweepstakes, and incentivized email sign-up forms.

Social Miner

Harvest real-time social interests and actions while converting social fans into brand evangelists and customers.

Marketing Dashboard

Access real-time consumer engagement KPIs in an easy-to-use interface.

Database Management

Leverage our Single View of Customer database to track all consumer interactions against a master consumer record.

Audience Segmentation

Create and target audience segments based on information such as demographics, location, social likes and actions, and previous interactions.

Engagement Strategy

Our CRM strategists will help you develop plans to drive engagement, encourage loyalty, and generate revenue from your fan base.

Social Media Activation

We can provide the strategy, assets, and tools to grow and engage your online communities. Our social marketing capabilities include: social strategy, social content development, and social advertising.

Search Marketing

We view every search query as an opportunity to capture a new fan or convert a new customer. We’ll provide the strategy and execution to put your brand in front of your most qualified audience with proven SEM and SEO strategies.



Sell & Fulfill

Our proprietary direct-to-consumer platform combines flexibility and scale to provide a best-in-class commerce solution. The numbers speak for themselves: we've sold over 1.5 million products to customers through more than 600 online stores.

Robust Merchandising Features

Maximize your sales with a variety of promotional options including product bundles, upsells and cross-sells, pre-orders, free shipping, flash deals, instant grat incentives, and vanity and unique discount codes.

Global Commerce

Sell and deliver your entertainment content and merchandise to fans around the world global commerce features such as visitor geo detection, international shipping, local currencies and regional warehousing.

Unified Cart

Enable your fans to purchase physical and digital products in in a single transaction.

Exclusive Product

We’ll help you conceive and create unique products for your most important customers. From custom products designed by our creative team to merchandise personalized by the fans, we’ll help you deliver a truly special experience.

Co-Op Marketing Programs

We want to help you maximize sales and profit. Our co-op marketing team can help you develop and run affiliate, SEM, and email campaigns to drive qualified audiences to your online store.



Report & Analyze

Our analytics team has the tools and expertise to help brands collect, analyze, and react to data from across their digital marketing and commerce ecosystem. Our analysts will help you discover and action insights that enable you to continually adapt to fans’ online behavior and build more meaningful consumer relationships.

Marketing Dashboard

Our proprietary marketing dashboard provides a complete view of your brand’s website activity and fan engagement KPIs.

Sales Dashboard

We also offer a proprietary sales dashboard that gives you real-time access into sales performance.

Report Builder

In addition to interactive dashboards, the GENERATOR platform includes a report builder tool that creates customized detailed reports that can be scheduled for automatic email delivery on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Channel Analysis

Want to know what’s driving revenue? Our ecommerce marketing experts will help you determine top-performing referral channels and deliver actionable recommendations to help optimize your marketing mix

Case Study Development

Our business intelligence experts will analyze your sales and marketing campaigns to uncover valuable post-mortem insights.

Customer Segmentation Studies

We’ll help you segment your D2C customer base and identify your most valuable customers and super fans.

Automated Reporting

In addition to interactive dashboards, you can also opt to have customized sales and marketing delivered to you via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.