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    Tailored Technology

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    Superior Creative

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    Strategic Merchandising

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    Collaborative Marketing

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    Global Fulfillment & Customer Service

Tailored Technology

Technology tailored to the needs of the Media & Entertainment industry!

Our flexible and highly scalable proprietary ecommerce platform powers over 800 individually branded media & entertainment stores and has fulfilled products to consumers in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Best-In-Class eCommerce Features

  • Cloud-Based
  • Flexible Themes
  • Regional currencies and payment methods
  • Powerful Merchandising Tools
  • Robust CRM Features
  • Real-Time Sales Dashboards
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Winning M&E Differentiators

  • Single cart, digital and physical media transactions
  • Ability to accommodate varying release dates across different territories
  • Complex rights management
  • Ticketing Integrations
  • Merchandise On Demand
  • Custom sales reporting by rights owner
  • Upgrade My Order (Post-purchase single-click up-sell from email)
  • Pre-Orders
  • Fanification & Personalization
  • “Instant Grat” (Physical purchase accompanied by immediate digital download of media)
  • Ecommerce isn’t a one size fits all approach. GENERATOR’s proprietary direct-to-consumer platform provides a uniquely capable, best-in-breed commerce solution that specifically addresses the needs and the complexities of the global entertainment industry and its consumers.

    Alex Godelman, CTO


    Superior Creative

    Award-winning creativity!

    If you’re not presenting your fans with an attractive ecommerce experience that positions your brand and products in the best possible light, you are leaving money on the table.

    Our roster of interactive designers, illustrators, photographers, and UX experts have a track record of producing direct-to-consumer experiences marked by exceptional design, creativity, and usability.

    From Clios to Webbys to Cannes Lions, our creative team designs high-converting premium storefronts for iconic brands.

    Whether it’s global music acts like Michael Jackson and One Direction or hit television shows such as Better Call Saul and Vikings, our visually stunning interfaces keep fans coming back again and again.

    The brands we serve across music, film, TV, sports and gaming wow fans around the world. We ensure their ecommerce experience is just as thrilling and engaging as the brands themselves.

    Dan Pelson, CEO


    Strategic Merchandising

    We know consumer products and how to sell them!

    Well versed in consumer products, licensing, and ecommerce, GENERATOR’s merchandising team identifies the perfect mix of products for its clients’ stores. Through bundling (all types of products including physical, digital, and tickets), fanification and signed offers, printed merchandise on demand, exclusive custom products (everything from autographed guitars to custom cufflinks), and curating from existing licensees, we bring our client’s fans the branded items they desire.

    Not only do we create and curate the ideal selection of branded products for our clients’ store, our merchandising team focuses on moving that product by:

    We serve the most passionate fans of the worlds most renowned brands. Curating the perfect product mix for these engaged audiences goes beyond merchandising 101, it’s about tapping into the audience’s passion points and curating the perfect mix of digital and physical goods that extend their experience with their beloved brands.

    Craig Walsey, Chief Revenue Officer

    Optimizing the product mix – From sourcing existing licensed merchandise to developing
    original new products to fulfilling any physical or digital media in our client’s portfolio

    • Pricing the products to maximize sell-through
    • Developing promotions that incentivize conversion and loyalty

    Offering fans new products in mere hours with GENERATOR’s robust catalogue of
    on-demand products when an in-moment marketing opportunity arises


    Collaborative Marketing

    GENERATOR marketing gets results!

    Partnering with clients, we guide their fans down the purchase path. GENERATOR’s added millions of fans to our clients’ proprietary databases and generated millions of dollars in sales by recruiting and converting qualified consumers.

    Key marketing capabilities include:

    One of the key benefits to the direct-to-consumer model, is the brand’s ability to build and maintain an addressable audience over time. We are dedicated to helping our clients understand and grow those audiences, building highly profitable, long-term relationships with their most valuable fans.

    Thai Randolph, CMO

    Social Media Marketing

    Display Advertising

    Affiliate Programs


    Email Marketing



    Global Fulfillment & Customer Service

    Operating worldwide!

    We provide our clients with comprehensive global fulfillment services. From concept to customer care, we ensure our clients’ products, whether media or merchandise, digital or physical, make it into the hands of fans around the world.

    We fulfill and distribute our clients branded products to more than 90 countries. With an industry-leading record 98% consumer satisfaction rate, GENERATOR’s customer service team acts as true brand ambassadors, ensuring prompt and thorough responses, multi-lingual support, and extreme attentiveness.

    Logistics and customer service may be the least sexy part of fulfilling directly to consumers, but we realize those are some of the most important aspects of the process. We have the scale to cater to your global fan base, all the while giving them the white-glove service they deserve.

    Bart Chinnici, COO