GENERATOR’s Variety Ad Goes “Viral”

As part of a year-long partnership with Variety magazine, GENERATOR is receiving media placement in the entertainment trade weekly.  We ran our first full-page ad in the June 10th issue to kick off the campaign.

Our vision was to create something that would stop readers in their tracks and creatively illustrate GENERATOR’s value proposition to the media and entertainment industry.  Our solution?  Zombies.

The brain-eating creatures have inundated media, movies and entertainment as the center of plot lines in blockbuster films, games and a record-breaking TV show.  In the ad, we paid homage to this pop-culture phenomenon by showcasing a viewer infected with “fandom” for his favorite brand.

“Fans crave brand interaction the way zombies crave brains,” says GENERATOR Executive Creative Director, Daniel Frydman.  “The digital experiences we develop facilitate that brand-to-fan interaction in an equally infectious, but less sinister way.”

To illustrate the concept, GENERATOR’s resident photographer, Davey Wilson, recruited renown FX makeup artist Anthony Pepe (from SyFy’s reality show Face Off), to create an authentic zombie for the ad’s photo shoot.

“Pepe’s wicked talent and attention to detail is evident in films like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Amazing Spider-Man,” says Wilson.  “Working with him was ideal.  Pepe brought a heightened sense of realism to the images that we couldn’t have replicated in the post-production phase.”

Pepe combined makeup techniques and prosthetics to turn GENERATOR’s own Alex Woods into a zombie worthy of a fright-filled horror flick and representative of the rabid fandom and virality our digital campaigns are known to create.

Check out more behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot here:





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